"You Are What Your Deep, Driving Desire Is"

Zanni – Introduction

My parents named me Zanni…for the clowns in commedia dell’arte. They didn’t want to name me Cyrano, or Jimmy Durante or even Pinocchio (fortunately). And they didn’t want me confused with Steve Martin’s movie, Roxanne. But they wanted to remind me that I was a clown, a misfit, a character to be joked at and even scorned…and not just because of my powers.

By now you may suspect why my name is Zanni or at least what led my beloved parents to saddle me with that moniker for life. I have a large nose and the zanni clowns from the theatre of commedia dell’arte were known for their long noses (although in their cases they wore masks onstage). In fact the longer their nose the stupider the characters were and my parents found that hilarious when I was born. They love to tell the story of how it took ten contractions for my nose to pop out and two for the rest of me. Great role models. Don’t be surprised when you see how that turned me into the wonderful person I am today.

But my nose is only one side of me. Granted, it’s a large side that constantly arouses jokes and zingers from those bold enough to speak openly. Everyone else just moves to the other side of the street where there’s more room.

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What Do Your Readers Want? Is Your Book For Them Or For You?

What do your readers want

Many authors struggle with how to deliver what their readers want to read. If we knew what they wanted we would write it. Right? After all, wouldn’t that be the way to a successful book? It would be like having the inside track on becoming a … [Continue reading]

I’m Ready To Write My Book – Chapter One – Oh Crap!

desktop typists illustration

In previous posts I talked about research, using celebrity pictures, and creating an outline. Now I’m ready to write my book and put some words together to create a story. I proudly type, “Chapter One.” And smile in anticipation. Oh crap, this … [Continue reading]

How Important Is Writing A Book Outline? I’m Ready To Chuck Mine!

How important is an outline

I know we each have our own style of creating book ideas, coming up with characters and settings, and some even do outlines...like me! But this second book in the Matt Kemp series doesn’t want to even get off the ground, and it’s all because of my … [Continue reading]

Using Pictures Of Celebrities To Describe Your Characters

Using pictures of celebrities to describe your characters

I've read that many writers will actually use celebrity pictures to visualize their book characters. I had never done this before so I thought I would try it for my new Western, "A Witness To Murder." But first, let me explain something. This … [Continue reading]

My Book Setting Question: Where Would I Hide A Town?

Where Do You Hide A Town

I was really intrigued with the idea of what Matt Kemp, the U.S.Marshal in "A Witness To Murder", would do when he discovered that the people of a town had gone missing. But the first question I had to answer was: where did the people go? … [Continue reading]

How I Chose The Book Title: “A Witness To Murder”

How I Chose The Book Title: "A Witness To Murder"

If you’re like me then you have to have the perfect title for your book, right? And sometimes that title is the inspiration of your story and you keep it through all the drafts or sometimes you might use a working title, knowing that you need to come … [Continue reading]

Matt Kemp – U.S. Marshal (Book 1)

Matt Kemp U.S. Marshal

I've always wanted to write a series and when the idea came for "Matt Kemp - U.S. Marshal" I knew I was onto something.  The first book is how Kemp first joined the U.S. Marshal Service in the Old West.  Known as a gunfighter, Matt brings his unique … [Continue reading]

What’s Stopping You From Writing?

Why you should write

How many years have you put off writing a book? For me, it was 25 years and a lot of reasons why I couldn’t or shouldn’t...right now. When you look at yourself in the mirror and see another wrinkle, when you blow out another candle on your … [Continue reading]

Interview With Deborah Leitch – Author of Heaven’s Gate

Deborah Leitch Author

I can personally recommend Heaven's Gate to anyone looking for a great story about what happens when our energy leaves our bodies at the moment of death.  I personally know this author and she has the background and expertise to make her story … [Continue reading]